About Us

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We’re Chris & Adrienne.  We’re shamelessly irreverent photographers who create intimate boudoir portraits for sassy, mischievous Colorado brides.


We believe…

… “that’s what she said” is an appropriate response in 99% of situations.
… in sneaking in to a second movie.
… nothing relieves stress better than a dance-off.  A pants-off dance-off.
… it’s not a family vacation without the dog.
… a session isn’t complete until Chris has shown off at least one white-man dance move (pants on).
… in making up song lyrics for everyday occurrences.
… family cuddle time is the only way to start the day.
… our kid truly is the cutest kid on the face of the planet.
… the same is true for our dog.
… rainy weekends are best spent on a couch with a blanket, hot chocolate, homemade popcorn and a Game of Thrones marathon.
… weddings are cool but marriages are awesome.

- Chris and Adrienne

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